Our mission

Learn about our mission and commitment to making foster children happy


The DonateGifts project was founded and established in Chicago in August, 2020. We partner with over 35 certified foster care agencies all around the United States. And with your help, we collectively send holiday and birthday gifts to foster children and homeless youth. Our verified partner agencies create and manage wish cards for the kids under their care. Each wish card is unique and personal and linked with the gift item they want to receive. Donation is directly linked to the product sold on Amazon, and after your confirmed payment, we ship the gift to each managing foster agency. The agency staffs or social workers collect and distribute the delivered items to each kid.

Often, the in-kind material donation process is more complicated than expected. We want to simplify your donation experience. With one button click, it will automatically send the child's wish item to their address. You will receive a tax-exempt receipt, shipping details, and delivery proof, as well as photos and messages from the child if our partner agency permits. No need to shop at the store or drive to the drop-off site. No unnecessary hassle for doing good.

Unlike other donation programs and toy drives, our foster child can wish for a specific gift, such as a basketball or new shoes, rather than getting random gifts delivered to them.

Minimal handling, no contact delivery, & no drop-off site with our secure payment and automated delivery system.

It's more than just a simple donation. We are building a supportive community for the foster kids. Because they belong and they matter. Stay tuned for our new cool features in 2021.

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